The Cape History Library was launched in the kitchen of Rhodes Cottage Museum in June 2022. The real reason for the library is to absorb the existing books held by The MHCS and other individual collections relating to early Cape History which would assist researches and historians. The Library is growing weekly with new books being donated or lent by kind folk from as far as Zimbabwe.

Our Cape History Library is a collection of books and documents that covers the diverse and multi cultural history of the Cape that includes:

  • Early Life around False Bay Coast by early San Khoi, Dutch and English Occupations.
  • The Battle of Muizenberg
  • History of Muizenberg, including interesting locals and historic buildings
  • Kimberly Diamond fields and The Transvaal Gold Rush
  • The Anglo- Boer, First and Second World Wars.

Currently the Library has grown from 30 to 300 books.
The Library consists of various private collections, as well as donations of Books.
The Library is hosted in the Cottage Museum, we also serve Coffee and Teas.
To make an appointment please call the Cottage between 10h00 and 13h00 or Tel 0721820234 or