Rhodes Show 2023

To note the 26th March was when CJ Rhodes passed we enjoy celebrating a diversity of cultures and promoting history and community. This year Glenn Babb served Cold Mutten and Champaign, aledged to be CJ Rhodes favourate dish. In addition we were honoured by international evaluator Paul Myson who valued items for free.


Get your valuables professionally evaluated by Paul Myson

Time: 10- 2 Front Oxford room of the Cottage

Internationally renowned evaluator Paul Myson will assess your valuables, Paul Myson will assess your art, antiques, silver, crockery, bric à brac, Judaica, books, maps and anything you have which you think will be valuable.

Please bring any item you think can be assessed (or photos of bigger furniture) and Mr Myson will give you an estimate of its market value.

Read more about Paul Myson at thevaluator.co.za/art-antiques-jewellery-valuations/