The Incredible Rhodes Show 2023

Sunday 26 March: 10 – 3 pm

Rhodes Cottage Museum, 246 Main Road, Muizenberg

Highlights include:

10am – 2pm Get your valuables evaluated by Paul Myson
11am    Talk by Prof Mike Bruton : History of the Bicycle
12          Cold Lamb & Champagne Luncheon
12.30    Launch of Tea Rooms new Roast Chicken Lunch for R 65

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More about each event:

Get your valuables professionally evaluated by Paul Myson

Time 10am- 2 pm Front Oxford Room of the Cottage
Internationally renowned evaluator Paul Myson will assess your valuables, Paul Myson will assess your art, antiques, silver, crockery, bric à brac, Judaica, books, maps and anything you have which you think will be valuable. Please bring any item you think can be assessed (or photos of bigger furniture) and Mr Myson will give you an estimate of its market value. Read more about Paul Myson at

Boneshakers to Bloomers: The Colourful History of the Bicycle.

A talk and discussion by Mike Bruton

11 am in the lounge of Rhodes Cottage.
The bicycle is one of humankind’s greatest inventions. From humble beginnings over 200 years ago it has defied the rules and is more popular than ever today. In this entertaining and informative talk Mike Bruton will trace the evolution of the bicycle, mention its role in the invention of the motorbike, motorcar and even the airplane, highlight its impact on the emancipation of women, and discuss the diverse uses of bicycles through the years. He will also explain why the bicycle has become the icon of the ‘green living’ movement and why it has never gone obsolete.

Cold roast lamb and champagne Luncheon

12.30 Served outside courtyard
Our MHCS Societies Master Chef Adv Glenn Babb will prepare CJR’s favourate irresistible dish of cold roast lamb and Champaign. Portions are available free, in leu of a healthy voluntary donation to the Museum (until stocks last)

New Lunch Roast for at Rhodes Tea Room

The Rhodes Tea Room will be introducing their Roast Chicken Lunch for an introductory R 65 offer that would include a choice of Chicken, Vegetables, Ice Cream & Chocolate Source and Rhodes Spring water for R 65. The new menu also includes Toasted Sandwiches, Waffles, Tea and Coffee. for more information see our menu at

For more information please go to or call Gabriel at 0721820234
Proceeds will go to the upkeep of the Rhodes Cottage Museum