We where delighted to be approached by Johann and Ivor to use Rhodes Cottage as a small and intermit wedding venue earlier this month. Rhodes Cottage is steeped in local and international History, and this ongoing sense of history was made with our first Gay Wedding. The Cottage Museum Garden makes for a great delightful and affordable wedding venue, all in terms of elevated view of the bay, its surrounded by Fynbos and is sheltered from the wind. Saturdays weather was perfect, and guests attended a small ceremony in the Courtyard next to the Spring, were the Minister led the two to tie the knot. The wedding reception was held in the garden under the Gazebo’s, the married couple, and their delightful friends enjoyed themselves well into the evening.

Image caption. Johann and Ivor tie the knot. 2. Managers of the Rhodes Cottage Museum Tea Room Tasliema Jonathan, Johan and Ivor and Gabriel Brown in front of Rhodes’s Cape Cart.